VIDEO competition
organized as part of the celebration of the 10th World Multiplication Table Day

1. Participation in the competition is free
2. What is the competition about?
The subject of the competition is a short film, lasting up to 90 seconds and reporting on the celebration of WMTD 2020 of Local Organizers. The video may present:
  • Preparations for the WMTD
  • interesting forms of multiplication tables exams
  • participants celebrating the World Multiplication Table Day
  • interesting decorations related to the action
  • other ideas of the Participants.

3. Technical requirements
  • resolution: minimum 720p
4. Schedule:
  • October 12-25, 2020 - Local Organizers send videos (via the form available on
  • November 2, 2020 - announcement of the competition results.
5. Prizes
  • 1st place: 20 Grabowski cards "Multiplication table" and a cup
  • 2nd-3rd place: 10 Grabowski Cards "Multiplication Table" and a cup

6. The best videos will be part of the official promotional video of the action for 2021 and above.

Detailed rules of the competition will be published on September 29.