World Multiplication Table Day
Free educational mathematical event held in schools worldwide.

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7,421 schools have registered to participate in this years edition!


Thank you to all participants for taking part in the contest. There were a lot of videos (123!). Not only from Poland, but also from Croatia, the Philippines, Nigeria, Ghana, and the Czech Republic!

We enjoyed watching how you played with the multiplication table in your schools. These were very successful sessions worthy of the biggest prizes!

The choice of winners was extremely difficult! After hours of acrimonious discussions, our team has chosen the 10 best videos. Check out the winners!

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Certificates will be available from 16 January 2024

Best regards, World Multiplication Table Day Team

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About the event

The World Multiplication Table Day is a big educational event. As part of preparing for it, pupils revise the multiplication table in a fun way, engaged in activities called ‘Password of the Day’, ‘Marble’ and ‘Walking with Maths’. On 17 November, the participants are tested for their knowledge of the multiplication table. There are three options for holding a WMTD event: a mini version (in the classroom), a standard version (for the whole school) or an extended version (for the entire town or city). The pupils become examiners and test their older schoolmates and adults on the multiplication table. All materials required to hold an event in class or at school are free of charge and can be downloaded from our website after registering your school.

How to participate
in the World Multiplication Table Day

Participating in the World Multiplication Table Day is easy, and it's free! All you need to do is take three steps:


Register your school
Download materials and activity scripts
Hold the WMTD activities
in your school

Options for holding the WMTD

WMTD – mini
WMTD in class
(in maths lessons)

standard version
School WMTD

extended version
School and
Community WMTD

Benefits of participating
in the World Multiplication Table Day

Benefits for the students
  • Revising the multiplication table
  • Learning in an attractive way
  • Lots of fun

Benefits for the teachers
  • An opportunity to participate in a global event
  • A certificate for coordinators to boost your resume
  • A step towards promotion

Benefits for schools
  • An attractive event for the whole school community
  • An opportunity to promote the school with parents
  • An opportunity to promote the school in the media