What is the role of a Local Organizer?
Local Organizer’s duty is to prepare properly students and school to organize and celebrate WMT Day. The main person, who is responsible for WMT Day organization in particular institution is the Local Coordinator.

What is the role of students?
Students are examiners (in Commissions and Patrols) and examinees. They role is significant already before the main day of celebration. They decorate place where WMT Day is to be organized (e.g. school, classrooms, hall, gymnasium) with multiplication table decorations. Moreover – they recall difficult multiplication table tasks among one another.

Who establishes the squad of MT Commissions and Patrols?
Local Coordinator. Commissions and Patrols are formed by students under the supervision of an adult person (or a person, who knows multiplication table well). We recommend younger students to be examiners. That way – they can learn the multiplication table accompanied by adults. Moreover – role of the examiner is very important for them.

What tasks do MT Commissions and MT Patrols have?

  • To conducts exams according to the prepared scenario and Rules of WMT Day;
  • To note number of conducted examinations and people, who received the MT EXPERT title.

Does Media Examination Patrol have to be formed by a professional TV/radio editor?
Media Examination Patrol is created to commemorate the event. This is the most important – it doesn’t have to be done by a professional editor. Parent or teacher doing photos and videos can play the role of an editor.

Which is the best way of conducting examinations – in smaller settings such as classrooms or in one big setting like gymnasium, school’s hall?
It depends on the Local Coordinator and how many space he has to organize WMT Day. Local Organizers choose different options – the one with classrooms and one with the big setting (gymnasium, hall). Coordinator may designate for example: 1 Commission in big setting and 3 Patrols outside the school or 10 Commissions in the classrooms and 2 Patrols outside the school. It depends on the number of participants.

Do I have to create multiplication table questions, which will be used during examinations?
All materials helpful in organizing WMT Day are available in the Organizers Zone. You can of course create questions by own design – e.g. with students during plastic lessons.

If students pass the examinations – they receive the MT EXPERT title or they go to the next phase/round?
Everyone who answers on each of 5 questions receive automatically the MT EXPERT title. If though 1 of 5 answers is incorrect – examination is not passed. After an 1 hour – participant can approach to the examination once again.

Do 12 and 13 year-old students can read questions to 11 year-old students? How many examiners should there be?
Yes. A Coordinator can make a decision that older students check knowledge of younger students. There should be 2 or more examiners in Commissions and Patrols.

When MT EXPERT cards are handed? Do I have to create them on my own or are there any ready patterns available?
MT EXPERT card is given to a person who answers correctly on all of the 5 examination answers – right after an examination.

Patterns of cards are available in the Organizers Zone.

What prizes can gain participants of the event?
Local Organizers may ensure small gifts for participants of the event. In previous editions of the event – Organizers prepared many (usually small) prizes for people who passed examinations. For example: sweets, charms, pens.