About the event

World Multiplication Table Day (WMTD) is a free educational event. The 13th edition of the campaign (WMTD 2023) will take place on November 17, 2023.

What is the purpose of the event?
Main purpose of the event is to popularize fun forms of teaching-learning mathematics. The WMT Day event encourages everyone to recall multiplication table facts in pleasent, untypical way. Event is an occasion for students to catch up on the multiplication table facts after holidays. There are also adults, who may show off with their perfect multiplication knowledge in front of children.

What is it about?

"Multiplication knowledge" is verified in uncommon form - during short examinations. And examiners are students. They form special Commisions and Patrols. In their equipment there are exam sheets. Students use them to check multiplication knowledge of older colleauges and adults.

As we know from the last edition's - such a role swapping is often more stresfull for...adults. Kids in turn are extremely motivated by being examiners. This role is very important for them. Everything takes place under the supervision of an adult person.

Examinations conducted by Patrols are really exciting. Students-examiers go to the streets, shops, parks and examine passers-by. They are accompanied by colourful banners, balloons and many other creative decorations. Patrol has to be visible!

Remember that WMT Day is few weeks of preparations! Students prepare posters, requisites and decorate schools with the multiplication table themes. Before the main day of celebration - they actively recall multiplication table during games.

Local Coordinators prepare their final event schedule. And - after these preparations (which are in facts nothing but fun!) - there is a final WMT Day celebration day, which year by year emerges thousands of Multiplication Table Experts.

Who is an organizer?
Main Organizer is Publisher Grabowski Cards from Poland, producer of didactic materials for teaching-learning mathematics, including mathematical cards "Multiplication Table". Publisher popularizes fun forms of teaching-learning math.

There were organized Championships of Poland in Multiplication Table since 1998. And since 2011 - World Multiplication Table Day is conducted. In 2015 - Publisher celebrates its 20th anniversary. Read more about Publisher Karty Grabowskiego

Main Organizer provides materials in electronical form for organizing WMT Day, including: exam sheets, logos, posters, scearios of the games and many other. Every institution, who registered on the website- receives special certificate. This certificate confirm receiving the staturs of Local Organizer.

Every Local Organizer conducts World Multiplication Table day at own school (and city) according to own scenario. Main Organizer proposes different scenarios, but it is up to Local Organizer what proposition will be used during WMT Day.

Who is the originator?
Andrzej Grabowski, founder of the Publisher WKM Rachmistrz is the originator of WMT Day. A great enthusiast of unusual forms of teaching-learning mathematics. An author of mathematical cards "Multiplication table", "Addition and subtraction" and "3 COLORS" (3 COLORS were prepared along with the daughter - Justyna Grabowska-Dybek).

Every product was made with the numerous, original games. Thanks to them - children like mathematics. Andrzej Grabowski had been organizing Championships of Poland in Multiplication Table since 1998. Right now - there are organized regional editions of Championships - on the basis of Andrzej Grabowski's idea.

Who can become a Local Organizer?
1. Every educational institutions - regardless of educational stage.
2. Non-governmental organizations.

How examinations are conducted?
"Exam" - sounds quite serious and to many - it is associated with difficult tests know from the school times. Examinations during WMT Day are much simplier. Main form of exams are multiplication sheets with different degree of difficulty. Every person, who answers (orally or in written form) on 5 multiplication questions - receives the MT EXPERT title and special MT EXPERT Certificate. This Certificate can be a great motivator for students in the future math learning.

Year by year - Local Organizers invent some new exam methods - e.g. interesting games and school competitions.

Where examinations are conducted?
Examination can be conducted practically everywhere - it depends on the Organizer, its possibilities and willingness to conduct interesting exams. School is the place where Commisions are located.

Local Organizers prepare also Examination Patrol and organize huge celebration in front of school or nearest park - just like during real picnic. They suprise passers-by, sellers at shops, bikers...in fact everyone, who they meet while patrolling.

Patrols are often guests ar local radio, TV stations, police stations, city halls. Of course - exams can be conducted only when adults show their courage and let to be examined. Imagine the funny situations, when student examines adults and exam is not passed. It is not so simply to be examined in front of so serious Commission or Patrol!

How to become a Local Organizer?
There is only one, quick step – registration. Every Local Organizer must fill in necessary fields (school name, address, contact etc.). Application can be sent by school headteacher or designated Local Coordinator (person, who coordinate activities within WMT Day in own area).

We send the confirmation e-mail and issue the Certificate of License at the final stage of registration process. Certificate of License as well as other materials will be available in the Organizers Zone on the website www.wmtday.org. Materials are updated from April to September.

What are obligations of a Local Organizer?
Local Organizer should send a report to the Main Organizer within the following period: 28th September - 21st October. The form for sending it will be available on www.wmtday.org website. Every Local Organizer is obligated to inform about number of participants, people who received the MT EXPERT title as well as examination forms.

Sending report is necessary step to receive Certificates of Thanks issued after WMT Day (for school, headteacher, Local Coordinator(s) and people who supported the event).